Nostalgia Documentation

Let's use Nostalgia to create a 2D tile map that supports autotiling.

Nostalgia can be purchased from the Unity Asset Store.

Nostalgia Documentation provides support to learn how to use Nostalgia.
You can read the manual as a whole, or you can use it only as a reference as a reference.

If you are using Nostalgia for the first time, please read Manual : Getting Started.


  • Manual
    You can learn about the main usage of Nostalgia.
  • Inspector Reference
    It is a reference about components and assets that can be used in Nostalgia.
  • Script Reference
    It is a reference for a script that can be used in the Nostalgia.

Further sources of information

  • Tutorial
    You can learn how to use Nostalgia in practical form.
  • Nostalgia Forum
    Ask questions about how to use or post feature requests.